• Fightflops appeal to all martial arts fighters around the world.
  • They will instantly upgrade your fighting experience.
  • Effortless and timesaving fightflops have come to make a breakthrough in martial arts fighting.
  • Light as a feather they will sweep you off your feet.
  • Unique and compelling.
  • Efficient and practical.
  • Chic and comfy.
  • Finely detailed.
  • Slip them on and kick them off! Υou wont even have to sit to adjust!
  • Easy to store thanks to their smart design just open the velcro straps and lay them flat at the bottom of your gear bag.
  • Fightflops will undeniably be the new global trend!!
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    It is true that all martial arts fighters are subject to a lot of time pressure and stress when having to compete in tournaments.
    After careful observation we noticed that the fighters foot gear lacks something very important.
    The soles of their feet are left bare and exposed. Not to mention how time consuming it is to remove the foot gear when having to move around,go outdoors or let alone visit the restroom.
    We imagined how convenient it would be if a supplementary accessory could be added to the actual foot gear ,converting it into a regular shoe. Specifically giving it a sole,without that requiring any particular effort or time spent in its adjustment.
    In this way a fighter would be able to move around with ease and less anxiety, saving valuable time, always prepared for his fight.
    Bearing all that in mind we envisioned to create the right if not ideal circumstances for martial arts fighters.
    This led us and at the same time inspired us to move along with our design.
    As a result of spending two years working with great care and diligence ,we believe we have reached the best possible outcome. We proudly present to you the fightflop.


    The fightflop is in other words a glossy, supersized flipflop, bearing a large surface.
    Additionally, it features a patent leather upper body and velcro closures, intended for easy wear and removal. This allows the fighter to slip it on whilst wearing their foot gear.
    The upper body is supported by two enlarged and glossy F’s positioned back to back. These velcro closures can be opened and spread out placed at the bottom of your gear bag.
    These lightweight fightflops come in two colours, black and white.

    Additional information

    Weight 3 kg
    Dimensions 20 x 20 x 10 cm



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